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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  July 8, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> now at 11:00, protesters against police brutality on both sides of the bay. activists hit the streets tonight to demand justice killed by black men killed by officers this week. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. cornell bernard is standing by in oakland. >> but we're going to begin with sergio quintana live in san francisco where not surprisingly there is heightened security. >> we do know there is probably two groups that are still demonstrating. we know there is a small group that is separated from here and is likely going down market, continuing their demonstrations at city hall there is still a small group that is here. but for the most part, most people have dispersed. and in the wake of sniper shoots
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in dallas last night, we did notice san francisco police officers took special precautions, including placing police spotters on rooftops. hundreds of demonstrators arrived at city hall to protest police violence against black people. this was a group that was loud. san francisco deputies prepared by cordoning off the entrance to city hall. the protest was in response to two high profile officer-involved shooting this week. alton sterling was killed in bat touj, louisiana tuesday. philando castile was killed in st. paul. he was pulled over for a broken taillight. >> this is still going on and we haven't gotten to a point where we can love and respect each other no matter what color or sexual orientation. >> all lives do matter. but at the end of the day, it seems like black people are being killed more than other races. >> cops are hurting people.
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we have to work first with our justice system. you can't take out one cop if the justice system is all fudged up. we're just repeating the bullying. >> this demonstration started at justin herman plaza. the group swelled to several hundred people at one point. despite the clear tension between demonstrators and the police, dozens of san francisco police officers paralleled the large group as they marched to city hall. this was a peaceful protest. there were no arrests or citations issued. i'm sergio quintana, abc 7 news. >> cornell bernard continues our coverage. >> he is live in oakland where protesters gathered again tonight. cornell? >> ama and dan, compared to last night, this was a small, peaceful protest vigil in downtown oakland, many calling for an end to police brutality. many held signs at frank agawa
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plaza. they're angry about black killings in louisiana and minnesota this week there was no mention of the killings of the five police officer in dallas on thursday. some say they continue to feel disenfranchised and racially profiled. >> all we've been trying to be since we got free was equal. and they said we was equal, but we're not. we can now drink from the same fountains, but we can't even go to the fountains in piedmont. it's like an invisible line. >> oakland police officers were there tonight but they kept their distance. last night protesters smashed windows at police headquarters, splashing the building with red paint. in downtown oakland, several businesses were vandalized. and more than a thousand protesters shut down the 880 freeway for hours, refusing to leave. in the end, five arrests were made. we're live many oakland tonight, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> thank you, cornell. in atlanta, thousands of
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protesters shut down a freeway today. police said there were no arrest made during the demonstrations there. >> well, the protests are here in the bay area and across the country like in atlanta come with a nationwide warning for the five dallas police officer killed last night. >> the suspect has been identified as 25-year-old micah johnson. he acted alone. authorities confiscated rifles and bomb-making materials from his home. >> all five officers killed last night have now been identified. meanwhile, president obama is cutting his european trip short. he will return home this weekend and travel to dallas next week. >> let's continue our team coverage with abc news reporter marci gonzalez in dallas. >> good evening. so many of the streets here in downtown dallas are still blocked off as police gather evidence. though investigators believe the gunman acted alone, tonight they're still trying to determine whether anyone knew kill officers here. >> i pray these these senseless
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acts are stopped. >> saluting the five brave officers who lost their lives protecting others. running towards the gunfire and constitute in downtown dallas thursday night. shot to death by a lone sniper, 43-year-old brent thompson, married just two weeks ago. sergeant michael smith, officer patrick zamarripa, a father and veteran of three tours in iraq. lorne ahrens and michael krol. investigators say they were all targeted for their race and their uniform. >> he said he was upset about the recent police shootings. the suspect stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers. >> the gunmen, 25-year-old micah johnson killed by police. investigators say he had no criminal history, no ties to foreign terror groups. inside the former army reservist's home, investigators
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finding bomb-making material, weapons and ammo. three other suspects taken into custody now released, as police say the investigation is just beginning. >> what we don't know is who, if anybody may have known what the gunmen knew what he was going to do, may have assisted him. >> and police say johnson also injured nine people in the attack here including seven police officers. tonight we're told they are all expected to survive. in dallas, marci gonzalez, abc 7 news. dan and ama, back to you. >> all right, marci, thank you. tonight blue lights in downtown dallas pay tribute to the fallen police officers. the omni hotel is lit up with the words one dallas. >> and in new york city a patriotic tribute in red, white and blue. that's one world trade center tower. its spire was lit up tonight in the colors of the american flag and a call for national unity. mtv and b.e.t. hosted a town
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hall tonight on violence around the country. >> they brought together young people to talk about their concerns. a big topic was distrust of law enforcement. >> music artists, a retired new york detective and attorney general loretta lynch weighed in. >> we have pushed this conversation forward. the rest of america is acknowledging what this community has known for years. >> the program aired tonight on all mtv networks and online. >> our coverage of the shootings in dallas as well as the impact of protest here is in the bay area continues at and on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. in the east bay, raging flames sent thick, black smoke across the bay area. sky 7 shows the scene at the ahg plastics recycling center in newark. the smoke could be seen all the way in san jose and sunnyvale. tonight the fire is contained, but the danger remains. abc 7 news reporter katie marzullo is live in newark tonight with our developing
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story. katie? >> reporter: ama, the danger is that there could still be hot spots smoldering underneath all of that burned material. so as you can see, firefighters still very much on scene, keeping an eye on that. and they will continue to do so overnight. authorities will also continue to monitor air quality. >> i got home, put the kids in the house, locked up the house, and went in the backyard to see the smoke just billowing. >> wanda paulison lives across the street from ahg recycling, but you didn't have to be that close to see the smoke. the massive plume was visible for miles. >> it's a recycling business. so there was a mixed load of fuels in there, papers and some plastics. really it's the plastics that make the dark smoke. >> i already use mid inhaler. it was a lot of black smoke and i could smell it, and it was making me hard to breathe. >> alameda county issued a shelter in place for about 500 people who could have been in harm's way. >> let people know that they
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should stay indoors, shut their windows, turn off their air conditioning systems. >> i have a 5 and a 7 grandkids, and then i have my mother who is 98. and i wanted to make sure that the smoke wasn't coming into the house. but as luck would have it, the way the wind was blowing, it was heading south. >> the deputy chief said the fire burned hot and was moving quickly towards surrounding businesses. but damage was retained to the recycling plant. the cause is being investigated. in newark, katie marzullo, abc 7 news. now you probably just saw jaycee dugard's new best-seller. >> the bay area program making sure sex offenders like dugard's abductor are tracked and monitored. and a brushfire damages homes in the east bay. tonight firefighters say they know what caused the flames. and a very mega jackpot. find out if anyone is taking home that huge mega million pot
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tonight. the fog made a comeback, but soon it is going on vacation and
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los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> it's been seven years since jaycee dugard was rescued from that house where she lived with her abductor in antioch. >> in an interview that just aired tonight on 2020, she sad down to talk about her new book. >> here is vic lee. >> neighbors simply call it the house. this is how it looked then, seven years ago. this is the house today. hardly recognizable. neighbor steve brown.
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>> just stucco. it's not cinder block like it used to be. and the bars on the windows. the security bars on the windows. >> the new owners tore down the wooden fence, high fences that hid the horrors of the makeshift compound of sheds, tents, and outbuildings. the squalid backyard where jaycee dugard lived for 18 years, held captive by her abductor philip garrido who fathered her two children. garrido was on parole all that time, but he was able to elude parole agents who failed to adequately monitor him. after a two-month investigation, the inspector general recommended a series of reforms in the parole system. reduce agents' caseloads, better training and new policy for electronic monitoring. the oversight agency has lost much of its power since it issued the report. it can no longer launch probes into cases like this unless it's triggered by the governor or the
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legislature. el dorado district attorney vern pearson prosecuted the garrido case. >> i think it's a step in the wrong direction with any type of government bureaucracy to remove oversight. >> but there is a stopgap program which others may want to adopt, a program to help parole agents overwhelmed by big caseloads. it was created by the district attorney. >> that's a task force made up of eight different police agencies headed by my office. and that task force, all they do is monitor compliance with sex offenders who are required to register in alameda county. >> the safe task force may have made a difference in jaycee dugard's life. vic lee, abc 7 news. new details on this big fire in antioch tonight. sky 7 hd first showed it to you live on abc 7 news at 6:00 as it was happening. investigators say illegal fireworks started the fire on wagon wheel way. the fire burned nearby grass and
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spread quickly because of the wood shingle roof and the leaves in the gutters around the homes. mike mills shared this picture of nervous neighbors helping firefighters pull hoses. damage estimated at $20,000, but the good news no one was hurt. tonight cars are slowly trickling through a busy freeway connecter in emeryville that was shut down by a tractor-trailer fire this afternoon. this is a live look. and this is what it looked like earlier. the tractor-trailer burst into flames around 1:00, and the roadway remained closed to all traffic for six hours. just after 7:00 p.m., the undamaged semi hauled away the burned out trailer. it took that long because a hazmat crew had to help clean up the truck's spilled fuel. you kind of feel the disappointment around the bay area. someone in indiana won tonight's $540 million mega millions drawing, seventh largest lottery jackpot in u.s. history. >> here are the numbers. 8, 19, 20, 55, 73, and the mega ball is 5. to see those numbers again, head
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to our website, tuesday is the next drawing. the jackpot is a measly 15 mil. okay. i'd still take the 15. i'll be honest. >> who are we kidding? we'd take anything. let's turn our attention to the weekend forecast. >> drew tuma is in for sandhya and has the latest. >> we'll finish the weekend with warmer temperatures and brighter skies. the change will be under way the next 48 hours. we'll turn on our fog layer that fog really returned early this afternoon. and right now saul around san francisco, around san mateo and the coast. you stretch over into the east bay, oakland and parts of fremont, and even patchy fog starting to develop to the west of livermore that fog will continue to expand. temperatures 58 san francisco. 62 in oakland. 46 san jose, with mainly clear skies in the south bay. 64 fairfield and napa about 62 degrees. we'll take you outside. a live look from the sso camera. you see the overcast skies across the airports.
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the forecast is going to call for another foggy night across many cities in the bay area. also coastal drizzle very likely developing once again. it's a breezy and cooler day tomorrow, but a warmer and brighter finish for sunday. overnight tonight the call everybody will drop into the 50s. a fair amount of cloud cover. and there is that chance of some drizzle. so future weather as we go hour-by-hour for you, plan out the first half op your saturday. you're starting off with a lot of cloud cover around the bay area. and chances of drizzle. here are the likely areas that will see the drizzle over the next six to eight hours. typical this time of year. but there is a chance of future weather picking up. wet spots around hayward, union city and fremont. don't be surprised tomorrow morning if you see a few drops on your cars. otherwise in the north bay a few patchy spots of drizzle. otherwise pretty similar to where we twhr afternoon. coastal cloud cover and a lot of sunshine away from the coast. watch what happen, though, on sunday. you notice sunday morning you don't see widespread cloud cover. really just limited to the coast
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and into the afternoon hours. we're going to the wipe away that marine layer. and that means a warmer afternoon on the way for sunday. highs on your saturday very similar to where we were today. still below normal for this time of the year. about 63 in san francisco. a bit of afternoon sunshine. 67 oakland. 77 san jose. about 83 antioch and 76 for napa. headed to the beaches tomorrow? you're starting off with cloudy skies. peeks of sunshine in the afternoon. but do note even though you'll see limited sunshine throughout the day, still have extremely high uv index. wear that sunscreen. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows tomorrow cloudy and cool to start with coastal drizzle. sunday it's a much different day. we're brighter and we're warmer. and that pattern continues monday and tuesday. we are mild to warm. and all of next week, dan and ama, finally feeling like july here. >> all right, thanks, drew. well, still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, some elephan
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well, this was a welcome break from all the tough news in dallas today. the dallas zoo put out this video showing its 2-month-old el fan calf taking a bath. this was his first dip in a kiddie pool. looks like he really loves the water. oh, that's great. the baby was born to mom milo at the zoo. he doesn't have a name yet. >> cute. >> oh my goodness. >> and dallas really needed that. >> definitely. >> let's focus on sports. >> a lot of baseball to talk about. >> the giants get revenge after arizona throws at buster posey. and down in houston the a's rally for five runs in the ninth. but could they hold on to the lead? >> the abc 7 news app on the go on your schedule. news that li
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. by winning the final five fan vote, brandon belt has earned a spot in next tuesday's all-star game. belt came in tonight batting 300 with ten home runs and 46 rbis. willie mccovey shows it was duffy bobblehead night. jean segura homered on the first at bat pitch. in the second patrick corbin looking for payback throws at buster posey twice that gets bruce bochy out of the dugout and he is ejected. posy on first, tells corbin take this. there it goes, his ninth home other telephone season, ties the game at two. then in the third, posy grounds
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into what should be the third out. but jake lamb airmails the throw to first-degree. with his parents looking on, donald mengden was pitching against houston. he was drafted by the astros. did not give up a hit until the fourth. carlos pereira cut the a's lead to one. got to all star reliever will harris. alonso made it-6. with two on, khris davis comes through with a two-run double off michael feliz. the a's take an 8-7 lead. they added more run, but closer matheson could not seal the deal. the ball gets away from stephen vogt. that put runners at the corners with one out. luis valbuena sends the next pitch deep to right for a walk-off rerun homer. the a's lose a heartbreaker,
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10-9. it's mathson's fourth blown save. at the women's open stanford alum michelle wie did not make the cut. today she finished 5 over par after two rounds. let's go out for the highlights. angela stanford with one of the best shots of the day sends her ball straight into the hole for an eagle. a 70 today has her 3 under for the tournament. lydia ko began around nine strokes back. but thanks to seven birdies, she is now tied for fourth, just three off the pace. she shot a 66. sung young park is now 8 under for the tournament. and has the lead. first round leader miriam lee with a 74. she is tied with amy yang for second place, two strokes back of park. another tough outing for the earthquakes tonight. in the 51st minute, maximiliano rudy scores on the bicycle kick. check that out.
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that would be the only goal as sd dallas wins 1-nil. san jose is winless in the last seven games. and this abc 7 sports report has been brought by river rock casino. abc 7 news continues online and all y


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